08 April 2009

Just to announce that My second book called "Starting over" is complete. My book ONE STEP AT A TIME finishes off in September 2007 with me having improved my health about 70%. After this time, I went on to making new discoveries which have resulted in me getting my life back and becoming well again - see the bottom photo of me on the mountain!! So, STARTING OVER continues where the first book ends. It deals with some facts and figures (as before) but most of the book explains "my journey" through all of this and what I learnt - short stories of for instance: handling stress differently, coping with change, feeling thankful, are you a perfectionist?, watching your emotions, play like a child, opening up to people etc. I would like to include here one short paragraph as an example :-
I believe we all have our lessons to learn in this lifetime and we must remember who we are deep down – before we got messed up with all our wrong thoughts that we accumulated over the years. Sift back through the many layers that you wrapped around yourself to protect yourself and start peeling them off one by one. As you do this, you will uncover things you said and did popping back up into your mind as I did!
Things you told yourself and things other people told you – your parents, your teachers, your friends – inspect and examine each belief – does it serve you now – have you spent years believing this? As you uncover and discard some of the beliefs, you will find yourself going deeper and deeper within and feeling lighter and lighter! More and more you will discover your joyfulness again – believe me this is the most important journey you will ever make – but it is not for the faint-hearted, it is for people who want to discover their joy again – for people who are not afraid of moving through their fears and false beliefs to come out on the other side filled with love, light and a sense of how beautiful everything is! If you are one of these people – ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!!

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