12 June 2020

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Do you suffer with many different aches and pains? Are your main complaints chronic fatigue and muscle aches? Do you feel like you have the flu? Do you also suffer with any of the following:

Anxiety, back stiffness, candida, can’t concentrate, depression, difficulty or inability to learn new information or skills, digestive disorders, dizziness, frequent skin rashes, more frequent bruising, hair loss, heart palpitations, hot flushes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) low blood pressure, low body temperature, migraines/headaches, multiple sensitivity to foods, pollen, molds, medicines or alcohol, nerve pain, numbness or tingling sensations, pain in jaw area (TMJ), tinnitus, frequent ear infections, PMT, sensitivity to noise, bright lights, sensitivity to weather changes, sore throat, stiffness and aching in muscles, tender lymph nodes, struggle to absorb information, substantially impaired memory and concentration, thick foggy head, un-refreshing sleep or insomnia.

In my book ONE STEP AT A TIME, I explain how in May 2002 I became ill with the “flu” and went downhill from there. Its taken me six years to get my health back. I read everything I could get my hands on and spoke to many different therapists. FM and CFS is a serious and real illness – you can’t just leave it and take drugs – that does not work - you have to make lifestyle changes. Fortunately there are many things you can do and many professionals are there to help you.

This is  a drug free way to natural healing - sure its fine to take drugs to help now and then, but no good only relying on these and adding more and more to  the mix when you keep on having more side effects from them.

I diarised everything from the beginning and the book is written in a month to month form. Remembering how confused, brain fogged and anxious I felt, I hope it helps to motivate, uplift and inspire you – even when some people may be negative or disbelieving (because they don’t actually have a clue about this illness) do not let this stop you in trying your very best to improve your health. Maybe you won’t have to do everything that I have, perhaps yours will be an easier and faster improvement – we are all different. This book will hopefully give you a broader and very general understanding of health problems – not only FM and CFS.

It is a 380 pg book and the price is R150- plus R30 postage in South Africa. PDF format is R120-
Discount offered if both print books are ordered together. 
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